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    yuck. a chest hair tie. Really? Really????

    • Lisa Archer

      hahaha what a great tie. A tie that looks like chest hair. #humor #funny #clothes #tie #men. This cracked me up !!

    • Jaymi Firestone

      was looking for funny gifts for my Dad and ran across this. I literally laughed out things they make these days...goodness...

    • NeverChill .com

      Manly Chest Hair Tie - Power ties are swell, but nothing can give you the confidence you need to land that big client like the hairy chest tie can. Featuring an alluringly muscular tone with just the right amount of body hair, the hairy chest tie will give you a bold look that commands respect.

    • Ashley Spencer

      Ashley Moodie this has Dickie written all over it!!! - hairy chest tie :) X-mas gift?!? I think so :)

    • loxxylou

      Hairy Chest Tie: c'mon, that's just funny! I'd totally wear that to work if I was a guy!

    • Gabriel Genel

      The OPUS Perfect Hairy Chest Tie That would certainly make you look twice. O_O

    • Mary Olson

      Wear a hairy chest tie to the interview and you're sure to get the job!

    • Sofia Grey

      Hairy Chest Tie - so funny :-)

    • Katlin Robb

      Funny stuff

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    Mother & father in law!!! Lol

    This is just a little funny


    Omg this is too funny

    Why is this so funny? Lol



    Horse hair belt-why would you need this? Looks like pubic hair gone terribly wrong!

    This. Is. Awesome.

    How To Deal With Ugly Babies - (Laughing while trying to type...) Ahem. Yes.... A cashew with some hair coming out of it. I've seen a few of of those... OMG, I shouldn't laugh, but it's so true.....(more giggling....)

    hahaha. awesome.

    bah hahahaha

    Her peripheral vision can't be too hot. And, are those boobs around her waist?