doilies for gift tags.

I love the paper doily wrapped around this small package under the ribbon. It's such an easy/cheap way to use something uncommon to bump gift wrapping up a notch. A plus? It can double as a tag.

Simple brown bags with paper doily.

Butcher Paper & Doily Bouquet Wraps

doily wrapping


Merry Christmas 2012

Lace Doily Envelope Liner

dip doily into color and print

DIY Paper flowers. - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

Fingerprint Reindeer Gift Wrap

Newspaper and doily bags

8 ideas for Simple Wrapping with Herbs and Paper Doilies


DIY gift wrap with old clothes! Make bows and adorn packages with old shirts and sweaters! Easy!

Cute package

Gift Wrapping

kraft paper packages

Cute Gift Wrap

Gift Wrapping

cute and simple gift wrap