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Giraffes are heartless

Here we are sharing 20 most intelligent answers by students. These students are funny and their answers are hilarious. All answers are LOL.


I wish to devour the unborn! (Translation: I'd like some eggs for breakfast, please.

If I found this in my kids coloring book, I would laugh so hard

Yeah, gosh Snow White, stop being so bossy! Side note - Snow White is my LEAST favorite Disney princess, lol

Let's make them birds :)

They're happy birds that live in happy trees! I love Bob Ross aka the happy painter

Funny kids notes

25 Hysterical love notes from kids who are just a little too honest: Love you to death

30 Mildly Humorous Signs. Whoever labeled this 'mildly' humorous apparently didn't read numbers 18 and 19 well enough.

30 Mildly Humorous Signs

.I'm quite sure I'll be getting a volume or two of this dedicated to me.

One part wasn’t enough…

Sometimes I think I'm a really sophisticated, clever person, than I laugh at stuff like this.

Ironic Signs

I love irony, and the very last pic is ironic as well! :D// well not really but still funny

i laughed. and laughed and laughed some more. but this is actually a really awesome plan: get a girlfriend, kiss her, rule the world, save the universe!

Brilliantly evil... or evil brilliance?  Either way, awesome

Brilliantly evil…

Funny pictures about Brilliantly evil. Oh, and cool pics about Brilliantly evil. Also, Brilliantly evil.

Pinterest: Lina Heller

I have no idea who the bottom chicks are but this is funny as hell XD THEY EXIST ^The girls at the bottom are Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora

Funny test answers - The Meta Picture

Funny test answers

Funny pictures about Funny test answers. Oh, and cool pics about Funny test answers. Also, Funny test answers photos.