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    New York: On the trail to Goodnow Mountain, a yellow birch appears to be ingesting a boulder left behind by a glacier. With its tenacious trees and rebounding wildlife, Adirondack Park is a miracle of regeneration. Committed advocates and legal protections written into New York’s state constitution offer hope that it will remain forever wild.

  • Sylvia Sullivan

    Adirondacks Picture – Forest Wallpaper – National Geographic Photo of the Day

  • Linda Vespera

    Gorgeous tree roots in New York

  • Betsy Nuccitelli

    the rare forest octopus (Yellow Birch, Adirondacks)

  • Talya Taylor

    Yellow Birch, Adirondacks. so cool, this tree is so saying, "paper beats rock" hahh

  • Aimee Houck

    Yellow Birch, Adirondacks, National Geographics, Photo: Michael Melford

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