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  • Amanda-Vince Kulin

    daily-fitness-motivation: The best in daily fitness motivation.

  • Victoria West

    Red shoe yoga. Great posture pic

  • Lauren M

    I need some new Nikes and to start taking yoga classes!

  • Jessica Burrus

    My fitness goal: 1. Be Fit 2. Be able to do this^^^

  • Özhan Demirel

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  • Aleese Dow

    Health & Fitness inspiration blog

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Handstand? Handstand on a kettlebell? Handstand on a kettlebell with no wall?

you've got to put in the work to get what you invision!

Tiffany Cruickshank, taking a class with this amazing lady in July!

10/5/11; 1 min jumprope; ALAP (as long as possible) handstand hold; 1 min jumprope; 10 burpees; 1 min jumprope; 10 frog squats (each leg for a total count of 20). complete 3 rounds.

Work Your Way Up to a Yoga Handstand,

One months, two months, one year, two years, ten years. No use. Whole life. Whole life is practice

Want a body like this? Burn up to 900 calories in one kickboxing class at x3 Sports in Atlanta while you tone your arms, abs and legs.

This is SO "20 years ago" for me, but still something nice to strive for I guess, specially since there aren't any pics I can find of 40-somethings like me who have lost weight and want to post pics of before and after for inspiration....anyone have any to share??

raised leg push ups -- I think I did about 3 sets of these yesterday.. LOVE the burn!

Gotta do this. I looked at my arms from a different direction the other day and it was NOT pretty!

nice arms - motivation for summer - tank top season soon to come!