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So true....I can't get a pedicure, first...cuz it's so embarrassing to show them my feet (especially when someone is sitting next to me), and second cuz I need the skin on balls of my feet! They still don't understand me lol!

You never know when someone might ask you to break out in a dance...

Hmm... then whey does it take my kid so long to get dressed for school. :)

Dance through your twenties ... this is true in your thirties ... but by your forties, things stop popping and start hurting!

haha... well not with a torn ACL at the moment, but soon, very soon...

Thanks to dance... I unintentionally point my toes whenever I kick.

Today in class my teacher told me to write down things I couldn't do, that wenren't obvious like, jump as high as the moon. I left it blank, because what I can't do today, if I try hard enough I may be able to do tomorrow. True story (:

Except I haven't been on pointe in 10 years so its tap, jazz, contemporary and ballroom for me! :-)

I swear my daughter will be a dancer one day, she has been dancing since should could pull herself up ! Everytime music comes on she automatically stops whatever is that she is doing and starts to dance!

Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.