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Tattoo Submission: Cec (Norway), a beauty post from the blog Tattoologist, written by Natalie Hanks on Bloglovin'.

“With pain comes strength”. I got this tattoo on my right shoulder blade at In 2 Skin in Stockton, California.

tattoo pain rating. too bad I already have tats in the worst pain area..

Possibly my next tattoo .. placement will either be the side of my thigh or pelvic bone area

.....ahhhh, getting the itch again

To remind me that this is my life, and my story. When I look at this, I remember that I am strong, and that I, not those around me, am responsible for my own happiness. And by that same token, no one can bring me down. I’ve got this; I don’t need to be saved.

“I’ll find strength in pain” Mumford and sons are my all time favorite band and I just love this lyric. This band has helped me through a lot of rough times(: Done at bent shrader tattoos by Tim in charleston,wv Elephanttrunks.tu...

Tattoo Pain Chart - scroll about halfway down the page.

this is the best tattoo I've ever seen