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Tracey Cameron - Artist. I think I'll be buying this one too....once No Spend February is over...of course :)

sunny bright yellow bird

I wish I could use this medium. Watercolor is so hard for me :/

Four Leaf Clover Watercolour - reminds me on one I have, pressed in a library card, sadly with one leaf broken apart.

Peacock Gallery Wrapped Canvas. Cute gift idea + color scheme

Beautiful watercolor birds ... Love the simple strokes !!!

I love turquoise and want to paint a wall in my house I think I could use brown as a complementing color!! Perhaps a bathroom or spare bedroom??

So realistic and beautiful. I almost feel as if I am there

THIS is what I want to do. I want to learn watercolor, and make one of a kind beautiful watercolor stationery. And maybe someday graduate to full wedding packages where each individual invitation is unique. (peacock Alex Jones Leichtman St-laurent)

watercolor... @Hillary Pietrucci for some reason I see this and think of you, and how you could turn this into a kick ass back tattoo...