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Rugrats! Never knew how true their parenting experience was lol!

I always want only two things: lose weight and eat. | Confession Ecard |

Ahhh!!! It's okay if you touch, but do NOT try to run your fingers through it.

so perfect for bloggers everywhere.: timothy buckwalter Definition of me as soon as I hit the bedroom door. -Cindy

So I decided to just be myself, and when people tell me to be quiet, I tell them to get off me.

The look you give your friend When the teacher says find a partner

Yes! This is so me. I do so well under pressure sometimes I surprise myself.

dear god, the pain.

My daily conversation with myself. The struggle is real, folks.

True. Because watching Doctor Who repeats all day beats nature, beats least with face-to-face interaction because I socialize here EVERYDAY now and cannot stop! ;]