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The main offenders of "Drama" are the ones who say they hate it, and never get involved. Everyone has or had Drama. It's the way life works. That's why I just give zero solitary fu*ks about it anymore. It seems to be working. Rant over.

We should have a way of telling people their breath stinks without hurting their feelings like, "I'm bored, lets go brush your teeth!"

Ecards- funny -humor - drama free bubble-- Lol---YES! -- I like My Pins. I don't care. What you think. #Pinterest- -FYI to future Debbie downers - don't think you have me figured out and leave judgmental comments on my pins, especially if you don't know me in real life, besides, I don't give a rats patootie about your criticisms. I know who I am, you don't.

Yep... I have a few coworkers like this. Do NOT talk to me before 9am.... and YET they keep talking. Shut. Up.

"I'm sorry dear, In order for you to insult me, I must first value your opinion. Nice try though."