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In Northam Warren started a sideline to his new brokerage business, a liquid cuticle remover he called Cutex.

1950s ad for Wards ladies' hats

Vintage hats: 1961 Wards Catalog Memories of my mom!

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Pure Red Lipstick ad from Elizabeth Arden.

Hazel Bishop Lipstick Sign / Display

Hazel Bishop Lipstick Sign / Display

Dude with the side-eye is thinking "Just because you wear a crown doesn't make you the queen of anything, biotch".

Hazel Bishop cosmetics ad from

Hazel Bishop "Formula '77' Lipstick", 1958

Hazel Bishop "Formula '77' Lipstick", 1958

Hazel Bishop "White Frosting" Lipstick

Hazel Bishop "White Frosting" Lipstick

1940s-London-Blitz-makeup-look- History of Makeup

Woman 1943 UK women at war factory workers factories magazines

Hazel Bishiop 'Fantastick' Lipstick Ad, 1963

Founded in 1948 on a single product, a no-smear lipstick, the company had a meteoric rise in the United States in the due to extensive advertising on network television.


The Black Dahlia – The Unedited Weird Hollywood Story

A mugshot taken of Elizabeth Short in after being arrested for underage drinking. Less than three years later Short’s dismembered, mutilated corpse would be discovered in a vacant lot in Los.

1954 Vintage ad for Revlon's 'Queen of Diamonds' nail polish`Red `2-pgs

Samsung ATIV One 7 Curved DP700A7K-K01US 27-Inch All-In-One Desktop (Rusty Black

Revlon 'Queen of Diamonds' Lipstick & Nail Polish Ad - left side of double spread, 1954

Hazel Bishop Cosmetics, 1964

Hazel Bishop Cosmetics, 1964


The glamorous cover of Modern Beauty Shop magazine, March 1944

Harriet Hubbard Ayer Cosmetics 1953

1953 Ayer Lipstick Advertisement Retro Chic Roulette Red Sexy Black Mid Century Pin Up Harriet Hubbard New York Wall Art Glamour Decor Print

The History of 1950s Makeup

Ultra-matic 1956 hazel Bishop non smear lipstick

hazel-bishop-stay-on-lipsticks 1950s makeup