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Done. :)

Get A Tattoo With One Of My Parents - my mom got me my first tattoo on my birthday and my dad took me to get my second in memory of my mom when my ride fell through.


i teach surf camp in the summer. no one walks away saying they didnt have fun surfing

if i ever choose to reproduce. they will live and breathe harry potter.


bucket list: have my children grow up with harry potter. and every other awesome books and movies I love

only if it's just like Tika!

I LOVE huskies! Okay so I can't have an actual husky, the breed isn't suitable for a house pet but I would love one of these dogs that is cross so has the husky look but a German Shepherd temperament.

#bucketlist #beforeidie

Receive a dozen red roses Bucket List - valentines day 2014

"let's trade ipods" she said , he looked strange at her ans said:"why?!"."so we can see each other souls" and so he did

DONE, this is how it all started for me and DT. Swapping iPods and music ideas, 8 yrs on he's still my best friend.

Been on the Prime Meridian...now I need to stand on the equator. On the to do list

Been on the Prime Meridian in Ecuador.now I need to stand on the equator. On the to do list