I would've hated this as a child hahaha

On the Go Snack Table - I can't tell you how many times I wish I had one of these in my car for the kids!

A foot stool that is actually a Pillow Fort Construction kit! Every family needs this. I need this!

Bubble mix doesn't last long in the hands of a child... Create a bubble station to provide a solution. Genius!!!

Cute...I love the timer on it so clever.


Chores by age, listed from age 2 to 18. "Having kids that can help around the house keeps the house cleaner and gives everyone more time for fun activities."

'100 Ways to entertain a toddler'. This Mom has fun (and funny) ideas to interest her toddler. She rates each with a grade to it's success. Good reference.

21 creative consequences . . . freaking BRILLIANT.

If I ever have the time!

8 Birthday Traditions to start. So sweet and makes birthdays so special!

Under table hammock! How fun is this!

Bathtub Divider. Saves so much water..this is a great idea!

Instead of giving kids an arbitrary allowance, they can pick what tasks they want to do and earn as much money as they choose. Dave Ramsey talks about this...very cool.

Personalized board book... Pintsizepro.com

Fun idea: If you don't pick something up after one warning, this mom confiscates it and puts it in a "ransom box." The only way you can get it back is to draw a task from the envelope attached to the box lid. Her tasks are hilarious!

Basic Building instructions : Main support - 4- 1"x2" boards, already primed white, appx 6' high. Cut more 1"x2" boards down to a 24" length for frame. build 3 square frames - top middle and base. Use 12- 24" pieces. Then attach the 4- 6' pieces to the 3 square frames. For unit back, attach a sheet of Masonite, already primed white. For bars, get a 100' roll of black bungee, cut to size. Screw onto frame (top, middle and bottom). Then attach some nice base board molding to the outside frame...

30 Ways to Raise Confident Kids. This really is one of the best things I've found on Pinterest. Such an amazing list of things to do for/with your children to show them what wonderful little people they are!

The job's a game!! Good way to introduce kids to chores.

4 pillows and 3 yards of fabric Seen this before but this one has instructions!!!

trace their hands every 1st day of school