15 Healthier Homemade Ice Cream Recipes weirdly written but I think I understand ... put the milk et.al in the pint sized bag. Half fill the gallon sized bag with ice and salt. put the pint size bag inside the gallon size bag, zip and shake 4 minutes. this ice cream gal has to give it a try.

homemade strawberry ice cream. Simply the BEST ice cream ever. Made extra, thinking one batch wasnt enough - it made much more than I needed and I'm glad it did!

Easy homemade vanilla ice cream made without eggs from @SavorySweetLife .

Here's a healthier option for your midnight snack. Try our our strawberry banana ice cream tonight!

A very simple 3-ingredient non-dairy ice cream. I've actually made it and it. is. awesome! Do yourself a favor and make this now.

{Secretly Healthy} Gingerbread Ice Cream http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2013/12/08/gingerbread-ice-cream/

Healthy Recipe: Mint Chocolate Chip Frozen Chobani. This homemade frozen greek yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream!

strawberries and cream sherbert. 90 calories.

Blueberry ice-cream with maple and cinnamon

Homemade ice cream? Yes, Please! Ice Cream Maker BUY NOW!

Healthy popsicles

Lauren Conrad's DIY ice cream recipe (takes 5 minutes or less!)

Guilt-Free “Ice Cream”! Another delicious and healthy dessert post for you. No sugar. No dairy. This recipe really only requires one ingredient plus one or two others if you want to add some flavor. Are you ready to discover this miracle? Pin and share if you like it! And.... enjoy! @friendsthroughfood

Ice cream base recipe so that you can make your own flavors!

Natural ice cream: blend 1 cup frozen strawberries with 2tbsp "nuts milk" and then just add 3 ripe frozen bananas until light and fluffy!

Blend 1 cup strawberries, 1 small banana, and 1/3 cup almond milk. Freeze and you have ice cream! Perfect healthy treat to give kids or if you have a craving for ice cream but dont want to ruin your diet!

40 Homemade Ice Cream Recipes - Something Swanky

Mango soft serve! Just two ingredients and it taste like ice cream!!!

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