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    You don't complete me, I do.

    If it's meant to be

    I think of how truly sad it is that some girls cover up who they really are for a guy who likes the cover story. Because while you are sitting there being miserable for a guy who doesn't even know you, you are missing out on someone who would love you for you and could be the REAL best thing that ever happened to you, not the cover story. - love this - so true!


    I've been trying to do all of the above for a long time...the looking like a girl is the easy part. Working like a boss is pretty easy too - I'm the boss of me.


    So me.


    Something to be thankful for


    so much truth here.


    Lol.... been there, done that. Thank goodness I have people in my life that speak the truth with love. Those are the ones that matter, those are the ones I listen to!

    need it the most this!!

    A darling little print that would especially look cute in a child's room.