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    oink & what ever noise a bunny makes

    • Magixspirit

      A Cute Piglet ~ Keeping Warm Under The Bunny Rabbit's Floppy Ear. ( #pets #animals #pig #rabbit )

    • Mariann Reeves

      They're the best (and cutest) of friends <3 #animals #cute #pig #piglet #bunny #rabbit #farm

    • Danielle Gispert

      Animals: Pink Piglet and Big White Rabbit | #Animals #Pigs #Rabbits #Bunnies

    • Berry Bogue

      Piglet Cuddles Bunny - bunny, rabbit, nap, sweet, pig, cute, cuddle

    • Tiffany Stayer

      bunny. rabbit. pig. piglet. animal. friends. love

    • LouAnne

      so sweet! baby pig and white bunny

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    Katjinga, a Rhodesian ridgeback dog who lives on a 20-acre farm in Germany, adopted an abandoned pot-bellied piglet in August 2009. The tiny black piglet, named Paulinchen, had been so small at birth that her mother likely overlooked it. Katjinga's owner, Roland Adam, found the piglet alone and cold and brought it to his 8-year-old dog. "She loved the piglet at first sight and cares about it in the way she did for her own puppies," Adam said. "Days later she started lactating again and giving...

    A mother tiger lost her cubs due to premature labour. Shortly after, she became depressed and her health declined. She was later diagnosed with depression. Since tigers are endangered, every effort was made to secure her health. Zoologists wrapped piglets up in tiger-print cloth, and presented them to the mother tiger. She now loves these piglets and treats them like her own. And needless to mention, her health is back on track.

    Puppies and pigs!


    fox and bunny


    Because bunnies stacked on bunnies is the best ever.



    Log 6ix™ Dog Breath Freshener Mouth Spray is awesome! SPRAY AND KISS™

    Boo-The worlds cutest dog. Angelina is in love with this puppy. She has two of the stuffed animals and his book. Really is the cutest dog ever.

    ahh! Oh I need him!!

    Cutest tiny little piglet, possibly ever!! ... The 50 Cutest Things That Happened This Year

    So cute, give the adorable baby bunny, PLEASE!

    young farm friends

    piggies omg. Love this.

    Awwww...they needed a Mommy ♥ ♥

    Piggies: okay, Mother always said there wasn't anything cuter than a baby pig. And now I finally believe it!