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hello again, 80s hamburger phone. I actually owned this!

Tired of clogged shower drains? Put this silicone plug into your drain to keep hairs out of pipes and out of view. Invented by an animal-loving (and bathing) family.

I feel like this wasn't only the 90's but also the early 2000's because I was born in the 80's yet I remember most of these shows, games, toys ect.

see thru phones

Texting in the old days... before mobile phones, before social media. We did it…

iHome iP4 Portable FM Stereo Boombox for iPhone® and iPod®

I'm happy to report that my kids understand this because we still have a car with "roll" windows!

I really do miss these.

So smart! Stick it in your purse and whenever some restaurant or store is out of soap, use yours! by eugenia