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Soap Ball Tutorial

My Powder Room is almost done! Let me show you where the inspiration came from... I am sure yo have seen this box of Rose Soap Petals at your local Dollar Tree before... Well, this is what I envisioned when I first saw it... ...a flower ball All I did was open each rose...
  • Sharon Turner

    Dollar Tree Soap Flower Ball tutorial ~ I am sure yo have seen this box of Rose Soap Petals at your local Dollar Tree before… Well, this is what I envisioned when I first saw it...a flower ball. All I did was open each rose, separate the petals……and pin them close together one by one. {I got the foam balls @ the Dollar Tree as well} In the end I had the first accessory in my new Powder Room.…by the way it smells delicious! {…♥…} I am loving the Dollar Store…

  • Bridget King

    The 36th Avenue - rose soap petals become a flower ball


    Soap Ball Tutorial... These are made with rose soap petals that you can find at the Dollar Store.

  • Cassandra Severns

    DIY flower balls. Made out of soap rose petals from the dollar store - bathroom craft?

  • Michelle Flaherty

    love this diy flower ball! great to spray with fragrance for your bathroom! rose soap petals from the dollar store

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