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    • ellissa cheriew

      you'd FORCE me to share my opinions, even when i had the tact to keep things to myself, but you'd put me down for being kind and INSIST on knowing what i thought... just so you could turn it around and attack me. TONY! i will NOT park my brains at the door for you! you want the truth? be man enough to handle it!

    • Sandi Alliss

      True friends tell the truth, always. They say it with love. They say it as kindly as they can, but they respect you enough to not sugar coat it. People that don't really care about you will just pacify, flatter, and lie.

    • Kendra Bantz

      This is not a bakery. I don't sugar coat anything. Funny. Serious. Sarcasm. Honest. Honesty. Hard truth. Character dialogue

    • Francy Trojaola

      doesnt matter if were family or not im not sugar coating! if i cant say it then i wont say a thing

    • Tanvi Patel

      I've said this for YEARS and STILL there are people who want to get butt hurt when I do...above all else you will receive my honest opinion and I won't say I'm sorry if you don't like it, it just makes me sad that you'd rather hear a lie...<------ so true!!!!!! I'm a very straight forward and honest person. I literally tell everyone that and they know that I will give them my honest opinion, yet they still get butt hurt after I tell them the truth.

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    • Lilia Monje

      And... The older one gets the less sugar coated things we say!

    • SandStorm23 EP

      So true... I do not regret the way I am and the things I say.

    • Map

      So very true... I don't sugar coat things!

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