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Little Tech Big Heart - Intel SciArt From the Artist: “I wanted to create something messy that had allot of kinetic energy but was also somewhat quiet and classic. I love old science diagrams and charts from the 60s so I took the piece in that direction. The vision of a walking medic kit inspired me. There is something both exciting and creepy about walking boxes trying to help you. In our world where a lot of robots are attack drones, it’s inspiring to have healing drones.”— Duane Bruton

Intel SciArt: Artist Sang Hyun Mun's "A-L-I-V-E" explores the notion of cells working together like robots do in the manufacturing process.

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"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe to match your nature with Nature." Joseph Campbell

Paint Heart #hearts, #paint, #DIY,

This is Art...crayon "art" isn't art it's on the craft end of the Arts & Crafts spectrum but agreed looks nice Medicinal Plants - Intel SciArt

Intel SciArt: "Boil Me". Diseases born out of water contamination account for 8.7% of deaths in Southeast Asia. Intel SciArt wants to send a simple and direct message to prevent that.

DIY Wallpaper with Post-Its? Yes. It's an Intel Post-It Wallpaper! Check out what else is possible, click on it!

To Be Discontinued - #Intel #SciArt depicting the curing of tinnitus with the help of buzzing from bumble bees.

"Brain Waving Hands" - #Intel #SciArt depicting the innovation of brain-controlled electronics.

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31 Works Of Art We Can All Appreciate

Chris Cobb created this installation at Adobe Books where he catalogued 20,000 books by color.