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This is a MUST READ for anyone seriously exploring solar, wind or hydroelectric power generation for emergency backup or complete off grid power generation! Learn to make your own DIY battery bank to compliment your energy harvesting and SAVE lots of money doing it! The best information out there on quality DIY battery banks!

Food Storage Made Easyfrom Food Storage Made Easy

Spring Cleaning and Food Storage

Food Storage Organizing

Prepping advice in scripture. Proverbs 21:20 says: ” In the house of the wise are stores of choice food and oil; but the foolish man devours all he has”. this verse is deep. It speaks to the overall wisdom of prepping. The idea of having something more in your pantry than what you need for the next few days is very clear. Solomon recommends having “stores” of food. That is plural. There is no specific number of months worth of food mentioned , but I would say, do what you can.

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12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items We Need

12 Top Emergency Preparedness Items by Food Storage Moms

Will take time to read through this but looks useful--52 Week Food Storage Plan - Preparedness

Food Storage Made Easyfrom Food Storage Made Easy

50 Last Minute Ways to Prepare for an Emergency

PIN, PRINT, AND SAVE. This could really help in case of an emergency.

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Prepping Food Storage - Top 10 Foods to Stockpile

Food storage without electricity. My top ten choices for foods that can be stored at room temperature for extended periods of time that you can use to make a meal.

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10 ways to prepare for FREE

Food Storage and Emergency prep can be expensive! However, there are many things that you can do to prepare for little or NO cost. I LOVE this site! She even has recipes for 100 shelf stable meals!