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  • Kristin Ewing

    Mark Wahlberg minus the hat!! Love him, love this picture, but that hat?? Oh no, no, no!!! Someone give that boy an Angels hat :)

  • Lori Martello

    Mark Wahlberg.... :). Love me some Marky Mark!

  • Trent Miller

    I would be a Boston Red Sox fan for this man.

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Mark Wahlberg as a daddy..just when you thought he couldn't get any hotter!!

Mark Walberg it's spelled Wahlberg but really who cares how it's spelled. I have a lot of respect & admiration for this guy; he has done the work it takes to be a MAN, committed to his family, respects the law (from the hard school of knocks), has faith in God.

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I have to admit I though Mark Walberg was cute.

Have I pinned this before?!? I don't even care.... That stare is to die for!!

Young Marky-mark: pause for the beautiful cause everybody!!

Marky Mark...gratuitous half naked man shot for the day. You're welcome.

I know this is an old picture, but he is still HOT, wish Mark Wahlberg was in Magic Mike ;)

I was looking in the pets category and this picture showed up i don't hate it! :) mark wahlberg