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    Chemistry Lab: Conservation Of Mass. PURPOSE: To determine experimentally whether mass is conserved in a particular set of chemical reactions. $

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    Matter cannot be created or destroyed by a chemical change. During a chemical change (reaction), the atoms of one or more substances (reactants) undergo some "rearrangements". The "rearrangements" can create "different" subtances, but the original atoms are still there. The total mass of the reactants before the reaction will be the same as the total mass of the products after the chemical reaction (in a closed system).

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Science Labs: Must Do Chemistry or Physical Science Labs - Bundled Set. Great lab experiences are the key to a successful chemistry or physical science course. Spice up your class by having your students perform these 14 "must-do" chemistry / physical science labs. Students love lab work! If you give them plenty of lab opportunities, their excitement for your course will grow, and retention of complex and difficult concepts will improve. $

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