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World History MEGA Bundle #1 - Prehistory to Ancient Rome

This amazing MEGA-bundle includes 4 entire unit bundles together for an incredible money and time saving deal! With this one download, you get complete units on Prehistory, River valley Civilizations, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome!

American History Mega Unit Bundle Part 2 - Sectionalism to Reconstruction

This amazing MEGA-bundle includes 4 entire units for an incredible money and time saving deal! Everything from the beginning of Sectionalism, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and Manifest Destiny is included! Enough resources for months of learning in your classes!

World History MEGA Bundle #2: Middle Ages to the Age of Exploration

This is the 2nd MEGA bundle for World History and features 4 complete Unit Bundles together for one amazing money and time-saving download Includes bundles on the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, Absolute Monarchs, and Age of Exploration and Discovery!

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (Bundled!)

Greece and Rome- here's a money saving bundle that is sure to enhance your ancient civilizations units!

Ancient Civilzations MEGA Bundle

Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt and Ancient China This MEGA money saving bundle has a ton of fun, engaging and meaningful activities that will surely enhance your Ancient Civilizations units!

Ancient Rome Unit: 12 fun, student-centered activities to teach Roman Empire

**Back to School Time** Ancient Rome Unit: A unit full of engaging, student-centered activities!

River Valley Civilizations Complete Unit Bundle

This awesome complete unit bundle features absolutely EVERYTHING you will need for an engaging unit on the Early River Valley Civilizations!

Ancient Greece Unit Bundle

Updated Ancient Greece lesson plan bundle! Over 30 amazing resources like interactive notebooks, PowerPoints, projects, and more all on Ancient Greece!