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Diet Fork | This is hilarious! |

A laughed a little too hard at this. Its a kid dressed up as a tornado chasing a kid dressed up as Dorothy

Art OMG!!! how fricken cute is this halloween costume?!? the coppertone girl! misc-fun-ideas

Spoken like a true Friend!

It's funny because it's true.

games to get everyone laughing! I pinned this here for youth group!!!

this is priceless. ha! Best xmas card ever!

Bests pregnancy pics ever! I love this

... "roasting a marshmallow on a stick" ha

These really make me laugh....a lot

The beginning of a beautiful friendship ♥

Prank Pack boxes. Gift boxes that look like horrible gifts. You put the real present inside and get a big laugh when they open the wrapping.

Beanie Babies.. total 90's kid costume!

Homemade Halloween Costumes halloween