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Passive solar greenhouses store sun's heat in barrels of water (this is how mine will be set up)

13 Cheap DIY Greenhouse Project Plans - SHTF, Emergency Preparedness, Survival Prepping, Homesteading

Such an obvious cloche - why didn't I think of this? You can cut the sheets to suit the size of your beds.

This family converted an unused swimming pool into a greenhouse that grows produce tilapia fish, and chickens for eggs. Pretty ingenious. (There must be some mistake though, why would rainwater go with gray water?)

Chicken Coop/Greenhouse: slanted roof, sun during winter, but not as much in summer. Captured rain feeds into watering system for chickens & is available for watering plants. Very well insulated, wire mess wall separating north end of greenhouse (where chickens reside) from southern exposure, protecting sun-loving plants from being eaten by chickens. Greenhouse holds heat from chickens keeping it above freezing in winter. Addition of CO2 from chickens good for growing. Cold frame added to…

Cord Parmenter's Passive Solar Greenhouse, 18.5 X 44' Year Around Sustainable Cold Climate Greenhouse. DIY