Cute DIY

Shirt made from men's polo!

T shirt DIY

DIY Braided Shirt Tutorial

Tee shirt

its a wrap t-shirt dress tutorial

DIY ruffle shirt!

Love the gold and pink.


Party earrings! Obsessed with these glitter stud earrings | Kate Spade.

Pearl and Ribbon Bracelet via dotoot from saifou.­com/­entry/­13335.­html #DIY #Bracelet #dotoot #saifou

How to Make Bows

Small lengths of satin ribbon are knotted in middle of each piece of ribbon, then knotted lengths are gathered together to form flower.

Bleach Pen tees

This is a great way to make old shirts "new"

Bow T-Shirt DIY

DIY lace shirt

So making this t-shirt vest

Really cool DIY tank top

kate spade watch

how to embroider a ribbon rose