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  • Cassie Parker

    At-home French Tips: Paint the tips white, then dip a brush into nail polish remover and smooth out the lines. Add a topcoat, and -voilá- perfect french tips

  • Larra Townsend

    Last week we asked you whether you preferred a traditional french manicure with white tips or a new take on the classic style. To say the results were close is an understatement. Over 25,000 of you voted and the traditional french manicure won by only 7 votes! So as promised, here are step-by-step instructions on how you can achieve this lovely look at home. TOOLS White polish sheer pale pink polish clear top coat small paint brush nail polish remover STEPS Don’t be frustrated if this doesn’t turn out flawless on your first attempt. It can be a little tricky, so just have fun with it and practice! 1. Start with clean, bare nails that have been filed. 2. Using the white polish, paint the ends of your nails slightly thicker than you would like the white tips to be. Don’t worry about being too exact. Depending on the polish you may need to apply 2 coats to achieve solid white tips. 3. Let the whites air dry for a few minutes before starting the next step. 4. Dip your paint brush in nail polish remover and drag it along the inside of the white strip you have painted. Remember to mimic the shape of your nail with a slight curve. You will have to repeat this several times to get a smooth line. Slowly thin the line out until it is the width you like. Continue this on each nail, trying to keep the width of the white tip consistent. Note: Even with a lot of practice, your right hand can be difficult to do (or your left hand if you are left handed). This step might require a little help from a friend. Manicure party! 4. Once you are satisfied with your tips, apply one coat of pale pink polish over the entire nail. It is best to use a more sheer polish for a more natural look. 5. Add a clear top coat and your done!

  • Lauren Patterson

    Having french tip nails! Either press on's or doing them myself! Always makes me feel better to see nice nails! French Nails How-To

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