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    Korra' s Hair

    KORRASAMI by on @DeviantArt<<< Awww I don't really ship it but this is ADORABLE.

    Mako and Korra with their family ♥

    Makorra: Family Outing by NyaNanaX on deviantART

    Just look at the smile and contentness on Mako's face when he looks at Korra and their daughter

    The Gaang with their children.

    reasonstoloveavatar! But he looks like the waiter guy who greeted him at Quanz when he bowed to Mako for Mako's and Asami's first date.

    -- looooool favorite cartoon series crossover, heck yes

    Some things run in the family I guess

    The mako family! Legend of korra

    I like how Korra and Mako and Iroh are actually acting sort of like babysitters/parents and everyone else is just acting the age of whichever kid they are interacting with.


    Yessssss I've been waiting for this!!! haha

    I know a lot of people don't like Korra and Mako together because of how he acts and his stand off-ish attitude towards everything. Personally, I love them together. Yes, Korra and Bolin would be just as adorable but I personally love Korra and Mako. I guess it's just my crush of Katara and Zuko that's transferring over to LoK.

    I'm more of a Zutara shipper but the fanart and everything is amazing. Really prefer these older mature version of aang and katara

    Awesomeness! ♥

    The Legend of Korra

    The Legend of Korra: HAHA

    viria: I am glad I finally felt like drawing my precious Kataang because I missed them♥ We all missed you drawing them, viria.