50 Things to do at Christmas time!

Things to do at christmastime

Lots of christmas games, and activities for parties and other things

Great ideas

You've Been Jingled - This would be SO much fun!

38 Clever Christmas Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

50 things to do together for Christmas

Get a Santa Letter with real North Pole Postmark instructions on PagingSupermom.com

from santa oversized tags

Lesson for kids about Santa and Jesus. I am grateful someone took the time to make this.

what you make it: 50 things to do (other than movies)

Addressing letters

12 Things to do in November to get ready for Christmas.

Christmas Cookie Decorating Party

Christmas GIFT EXCHANGE GAME- Someone reads the story included. Every time the word RIGHT is read, everybody passes his/her gift to the right. Every time the word LEFT is read, everybody passes his/her gift to the left. When the word ACROSS is read, pass the gift to the person across from you. The gift each person is holding when the story ends is the gift he/she keeps.

How To Get An Official Letter From Santa

simple Christmas decor ideas

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