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The Discerning Eye - 2012 exhibition archive paul newland

Across the Stubble Field, watercolour on paper, Rebecca Ryland

Rebecca Ryland, Yolo Basin Wetlands, watercolour

"SSI Cottage 6x6 oil on board. My last painting from St Simon's Island. A little stucco house with great shadows and Spanish moss everywhere." - Mary Sheehan Winn

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Lauren Dunn

Across the Alley 18" x 36" (2006), Tom Jensen

Tom Jensen Landscape Paintings

taos+shadows+2.jpg (1600×1176)

"Tangled Vines" by Bruce Handford.

"Title not known" by Jody Henderer Burns. Beautiful cropped composition!

"Mid-day Reflections" by Paul Rickert.

"Valley Green" by Paul Rickert. This is a nice example of preserving whites and using negative space to create structures!

Kara K. Bigda

by Trisha Adams

By Trisha Adams

Goose-creek30x24-08.jpg (321×400)

trisha-adams-french-farm-buildings-1341520742_b.jpg (424×570)

Trisha Adams

1696745_Waterford-Fields72.jpg (541×402)

mikhail-germashyov-an-autumn-landscape-undated1.jpg (1200×900)

by Tom Brown

abandoned rural florist shop...

large_46_Harvest.JPG (600×450)

rural-landscape-lutz-baar.jpg (675×900)