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    Rescue Bio-Rejuvenation Serum....use it everyday to activate the skin's ability to repair itself for dramatically noticeable results!

    • Sholar Center, Green Room Spa

      Rescue Bio-Rejuvenation Serum....use it everyday to activate the skin's ability to repair itself for dramatically noticeable results!

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    Got the post-winter skin blahs? Use Skinprint Reti-Pur to get your skin's healthy glow back!

    3D Facial Rejuvenation does it all w/o downtime! #sholarcenter Click thru to website and list the three things it does for your skin: 1) 2) 3) (#3 Go to "Why You Should Be Getting Facials")

    Clarisonic Mia- a perfect travel companion for your skin....and it comes in all these great colors!

    Ultrasheer SPF 20 for everyday use that doesn't interfere with makeup application, and without "white sunscreen mask" face. NEED NOW for the summer!

    Intensive Hydrating Gel from Skinprint moisturizes your skin all day with it's Moisture Trap Technology

    Skinprint: a whole new level of skincare because it's CREATED just for YOU! A Skinprint Biometric Analysis is seen here. #sholarcenter (#2 Find A TRIO of Facial Rejuvenation Lasers w/o downtime)

    Let's take a deeper LOOK at your skin! Skinprint Dermal Ultrasound. Before & After 3mos use of Skinprint Custom Products ...HUGE improvement! #sholarcenter Tell us whose Skinprint this is:_________ Hint: It's also your #9 item, so get to know us.

    Can't say enough about how AWESOME this product is! Plumps lips by actually stimulating collagen production AND keeps them hydrated at the same time!

    Dr. S! Dr Sholar LOVES her dachshunds, but she also loves the patients and clients of Sholar Center and Green Room Spa, and she wants them to receive the best results available. So, all the treatments and services here have been personally selected, endorsed, and used by Dr. Sholar herself. Just look at her own SKINPRINT as an example! (#10 Find out Great Tips, as well as what inspires you! Add your own Comment, Review, Quote, Thought, Quip, or Inspiration to the next pin.)

    Age spots on your arms and hands making you look old? Limelight can be an answer! #sholarcenter

    Laser Genesis Before & After. No downtime, comfortable treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, and texture improvement. #sholarcenter

    Why you should be getting facials.... Click thru to blog, then Fill in the blank: You should be getting facials every_______. #sholarcenter (#4 What do you find at the Beauty Bar scene? Hint: hairstyles)

    VelaShape 2™ is the first and only FDA-approved non-invasive medical solution for Cellulite Treatment. #sholarcenter Watch the video on the website for more info.... (#8 Just like your fingerprint, Skinprint is your skin's unique biochemistry. Let's take a look INSIDE it with a Dermal Ultrasound and more....)

    ACNE SCARS: According to a review of 26 studies, treating acne scars with ablative lasers (like Pearl Fractional) are more effective than treating them with non-ablative lasers. 83% improvement vs 50%. “Ablative lasers, especially fractional lasers, such as the Pearl Fractional Laser, are far more effective than non-ablative lasers when treating acne scars,” Dr. Alina Sholar said when asked about the study findings.

    Laser Genesis- a no-downtime treatment for refining skin's texture, reducing pore size, improving redness, and wrinkle reduction.

    BOTOX: Cost, Value, & Who To Go To.....VERY useful blog article!