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Generally I love those friends the most 'cause it means I can be an idiot, too!

yeahhhhhhhhhh/click on the picture and it moves... so cute.../works on iphone from pinterest too...

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I have pictures of Ryder's first ocean experience and it's EXACTLY like this... he is forever terrified

Yes. In fact, it doesn't even have to be playing. I could break into BoRhap at any moment.

i can't stop laughing at the second frame! :D

Carrie Martin....I'm fairly certain strawberry stoli said something very similar to you, Amanda, and I ... But it included a dingy inflatable boat and the port of Galveston....

oh my goodness... here to find out more

Peter the Panda completing the Panda Circuit. 6th grade gym class. Place Finished: Last

My cat Leo wants to be like this someday... A kitty model.