Vintage hug with HRC!

Graduation hug

A hug from way-back!

He never lets me down with the hugs.

Hugs in Colombia!

Obama in his younger years.

A happy hug recipient.

Fourth of July hugs and handshakes

Perhaps, one of my favorite hug pics yet. She's so sweet.

hugging a student in New Orleans in 2009...

Perhaps one of my fave hug pics...

The First Lady likes to hug the President.

A face squish is almost a hug. Buddies

Obama Family portrait Easter 2015

Our two black Presidents.

Michelle striking a it...The Obamas

President Obama and his niece Savita. I heart our President!

First Dog Bo with MIchelle Obama

Keep Calm and Elect Obama, via Etsy

President Obama & Former President Clinton