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Amo las cosas bonitas y las palabras inteligentes. ~ Pretty things & clever words.

Llorar no significa que seas debil. Desde tu nacimiento, el llanto siempre ha sido una señal de que estas vivo.

too fond of the stars to be fearful of the night


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No matter the dilemma a hug always seems to make it feel like things will be okay |

Precisely. Constantly flaunting your "work" is unnecessary. And how hard could you really be working?

The boomerang does its thing, always returns to the sender! The world is our mirror, what we see is what we are...OUCH sometimes!

One of the worst things a person can do is give a; fake, back handed, or pseudo apology... Either say you're sorry and mean it or say nothing at really is better that way.

Realizing everything will be ok is the most amazing moment because no matter what happened whether it made you mad happy or sad you still have time to make more moments just as good or even better. Don't dwell on the bad in life because you will miss out on all the good things that go on around you