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Illustrating the Big Picture : Journeys, Experiences and Interactions

A journey may cover a brief period of time, such as a purchasing experience or a hospital stay, but where journey modeling really shines is .

Transit customer journey by Evan Litvak,  CCA student. Via "New Ways of Visualizing the Customer Journey Map" - Kim Cullen, Adaptive Path

SF Muni User Journey Map by Evan Litvak, via Behance A very nice way of journeymap infograph

Forbes Insights veröffentlicht in Zusammenarbeit mit Rocket Fuel eine aktuelle Studie über die Nutzung von Big Data

Big Data als Erfolgskriterium im Marketing

Turn STEM to STEAM with the Design Thinking Process | The Art of Ed

Steps and questions to guide you with Design Thinking Website: The Art of Education Article: Turn Stem to Steam with the Design Thinking Process By: Tracy Hare Publisher: The Art of Design Thinking Date: 1 year Accessed: June 2016

How The Future of Mobile Lies in the Developing World

How The Future of Mobile Lies in the

In less than three decades, the mobile phone has gone from being a status symbol to being a ubiquitous technology that facilitates almost every interaction in.

#flatDesign #UX

UI/UX Flat design - Free PSD by Julie Champourlier, via Behance - I can see something like this to break down different data categories/marts

Future of Ecommerce Checkout - Luke Wroblewski

Evolving E-commerce Checkout

The Optimized Content Marketing Plan

Some Dos and Donts for the digital marketer in Why is it important to integrate social PR with your digital marketing campaign?