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bahaha!! that's the best! And this, this is basically what I'm going to be doing for a living. yep. ;P

It's faster than opening Word and typing it in, or opening a dictionary ap. (I don't think I've cracked open a dead-tree dictionary even once in the last couple of years, but I look up words several times a week.)

oh my goodness! my dad says this ALL THE TIME!!

He has never told me this, but if he ever does, I shall be prepared! hahaha.

Why do I have one bar on my phone in my living room, but the Taliban can upload a video from a cave in Afghanistan?

Here's to a Bachelorette Party we will (hopefully) remember tomorrow.

Hahaha!!! I actually said to myself "4, he has 4 candy bars. What's so funny?" Then I scrolled down. HAHA

That's not how you eat it. I bet they don't organize their m&m's & skittles by color either.


Love this joke! 14 years ago a guy came up to me at a party and said"What's fun about THAT (holding up a fun sized mars bar) to me a fun sized mars bar would be THIS BIG!!"(gestures full arm length) I thought he had a witty sense of humour so I married him!