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To my daughters

Bwahahahahha LOVE it! lol Dear Daughters, Should I ever learn you've been twerking anywhere, at any time, I will learn to do it myself and make sure I chaperon every single dance you ever go to. except that it is spelled "chaperone.

I know what the problem is

Haha this is so true! Anth is one of few people I will actually talk to. I HATE talking on the phone.

Yuuusssss!!!!! #pregnancymeme

The Best Part of Being Pregnant is. - Pregnancy Humor - Pregnancy Humor that's funny.

The joy of laundry

Funny Family Ecard: Folding Laundry with a Toddler is like trying to straighten a desk full of papers while a fan blows on it. So true

someecards.com - Shower Schizophrenia: The constant belief that you hear a child crying while you're trying to take a shower.

Shower Schizophrenia is a constant belief that you hear a child crying while your trying to tale a shower. - -Laughing Through Motherhood - mom quotes - funny mom quotes - meadoria

OK, shopping with Vinny may not be quite this bad, but it is reason enough to settle for cereal for supper tonight rather than brave the aisles of the grocery store!

Funny Confession Ecard: Shopping with Kids is like trying to concentrate on 150 things at once while someone repeatedly beats you over the head with a plank of wood.

And it's not because I'm large just my hips feel like they are about to be torn in half by the end of the day!!!!

Funny Baby Ecard: I DO NOT have a waddle. It is called Pregnancy Swag.or Post-Pregnancy Swag.

lol oh how true it is

Motherhood: When changing from plaid flannel pj pants into black yoga pants qualifies as 'getting dressed'. And Bekah you can so rock those yoga pants!

HAHAHAH so gross!!

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I love it when I do something and my kid goes "ewwwwww mommy". Um child - I pushed you out of my vagina covered with all my insides. You are "eww".

So True :)

This is so me! Told my husband I had to run out to Target so I was leaving him with the kids, should take no more then 20 mins. He fell for it. I'm going to walk every sq ft of that store with a caramel macchiatto & my coupons!