Sherlock confessions


I love this line!

YES -Gatiss has explained that Mycroft is more intelligent then Sherlock, also in the original ACD books, Mycroft is also described as being smarter, by Sherlock himself to Watson. And there are tons of little hints in the BBC show that Mycroft is more observant, for example, in one episode Sherlock deduces John slept on a sofa but Mycroft corrects him. Mycroft's pretty cool himself, dudes. :D

"Why does Sherlock act like he’s lost and hasn’t figured out Jim’s entire plan? So he can record what Jim is saying (in sense of a confession) on his phone, which he has in his hand/coat sleeve. The most important parts he probably has recorded. So he steps back down again. Now he’s back to his “normal self” Later, when he’s on the phone with John, Sherlock says: “This is my note."Before he jumps of the building, he throws the phone away, to leave it on the roof." OMG I KNEW THAT WAS IMPORTA...

sherlock confessions

Way to be positive for once, Sherlock fandom

"I don't know, Mycroft. Does the Queen know you're after her job?" -

Sherlock confessions

Bendedict's part is EPIC!! "F*** it! I'm going to tell you how Sherlock survived." lol! >> Sherlock's Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch; Comic-Con 2013

I could understand that

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It's an abusive relationship, it really is.

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