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This is pretty, but it also weirds me out. Like, yo, lemmie unwrap you like a present, wifey. Also I am the most unromantic person in the history of ever, but still. Okay I actually think this is pretty nice looking. I'm confused? What's werider is if you click on the link. Lingerie is weird.

If me and my friends were all tan fabulous models, these colors would be gorgeous. Too bad I'm pale as Antarctica.

Random Inspiration 69 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style & Gear

We come together in the deep rich dark of night. Mother of the light. Dissolve into the sky and into the earth.

I like her hair. Still can't convince Matthew to wear a hat like this.

Oh my! Love it all from the suspenders, to the rustic barn! I'm in love!

Fall wedding...This is why you should get married in October.

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