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Dogs in danger.. because of bad masters

It's time to stop blaming the wrong end of the leash. Dogs aren't the bad ones. It's people who are terrible.

I'm sure the world would be a better place.

absolutely no excuses!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don't crop, let 'em flop! Amen!

Yes. / #StopAnimalAbuse #StopAnimalCruelty #Animals #Dog #Dogs #Cat #Cats

Dear God, thank you for my family. I pray for all the homeless pets and I pray for people to understand that we are not disposable. Amen.

Imagine a world where dogs took bad owners to the pound...

so true.. They are our four legged children!

bahahahah. This is totally Kiba! @Daniel Joyner

And everyone thinks pitbulls are bad because of their aggressive behavior when really it's not the behavior of the breed, it's how the leader taught and trained their dog to be.

...even after you've left him home alone all day.: Animals, Dogs, Quotes, Pet, Truth, Love Is, So True, Puppy

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