Always & Forever matching tattoos - if my husband and I were into tattoos, this would be what we would get. :)

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Getting this with my wedding date<3 Maybe i can convince him to get "Forever" with the date for a matching tattoo?(:

Cartoon Cute Matching Couple Tattoos - Cute Matching Tattoos For Married Couple

Matching, brother/sister tattoos, done at Pricked, Sudbury, ON :)

i love you tattoo

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matching tattoo with her brother: -"A brothers love will forever protect you" Brothers- "A sisters love will forever follow you"

Idea for a matching tattoo with my Best Friend Ciera☺️❤️

family;one love - my tattoo

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Cute sister matching anchor tattoos! Love the ankle placement and design




Celtic motherhood tattoo. "The Celtic motherhood symbol looks like 2 hearts made out of knot work. One heart is lower than the first heart and both hearts are intertwined in a continuous knot. To add children to the Celtic motherhood symbol, you add dots. 1 dot per child. These dots can be placed anywhere inside or outside the motherhood symbol.

"Together forever never apart" "Maybe in distance but never in heart" omgggg I wanted this tattoo, but never thought about making it a bestfriend tattoo!!! Love this