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Rope Necklace another to make out of Tee...but braided slightly different and different clasp.

Make Your Holidays: DIY Necklaces | The DIY Adventures- upcycling, recycling and do it yourself from around the world.

Turn inexpensive rope from the hardware store into an eye-catching accessory with this how-to from TV crafter Kristin St. Clair.

手工绳结教程:“针织结”(大师班) - maomao - 我随心动

my favourite necklace i customised mine with lengths of chain to make it longer .heres a tutorial on how to make a cheaper version :)

DIY rope wrapped chain bracelet

Jump for rope! The sailor’s knot symbolizes a perfect marriage between form and function.  Crafty mariners not only used essential roping skills to safely set sail, they also made bracelets to show off their skills. These handcrafted wares were believed to bring good fortune, and were often given as gifts to their sweethearts upon returning to port.

Fishtail Bracelet. I love this it reminds me of the 1000s of friendship bracelets I knotted as a kid. I'm making one for all my friends and me.

DIY - Chevron friendship bracelet tutorial, and I love how they put the fasteners on at the end. No more guessing size or expecting someone to wear it forever when you knot it on their wrist

Love rings made from silver spoons & forks & butter knives. They can also be used to make bangles & bangles. I have a butter knife bracelet - the knife part was kept on, so you can tell what it is...looks a little strange but makes for an interesting piece of jewelry.

Rope Canisters...could just wrap the rope around something you already have (paint bucket?)