Did you hear about pluto? That's messed up! #Psych

All of the names of Gus bequeathed on him by his best friend Shawn in the hit TV show Psych... @Courtney Baker Noble

Shawn Spencer.

#Psych Process. I kid you not: Shawn = my brother; Gus = Me.

Oh, Gus... :)

Me too Gus... Me too

I love you Shawn. Shawn is me. I am Shawn. We are one. Because we're awesome like that.

All New Tonight Psych | USA Dead Air Shawn and Gus go undercover at a radio station to investigate the murder of their favorite DJ.





Just a little stats and psych humor. (Statistical Significance & Null hypothesis)

Psych = my non-guilty pleasure. :)

"Baby all your facial parts are in the right spots" ~Shawn

How do you choose the best quotes from this show?! i mean honestly this show is so fricken awesome!


Lassie's "I'd rather"s