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I took this image yesterday of this yearling cub grizzly snoozing on the boardwalk for about 20 minutes after eating a lot of salmon that his mother was catching for him and her ….. 20 minutes later mother came and got him to move

Dream of Bear Medicine on path. There were One black bear and one Grizzly bear. The Grizzly Bear stayed.It followed me into the water and stayed with me on my path up the mountain. Inner Strength, Grounding Forces. Interesting dream.

According to “My fingers (claws) are interlaced together because I’m holding frustration, hostility and other negative thoughts. I need to entwine my fingers (claws) so I keep them under careful restrained control.” :)

This is the bear version of Beans from Even Stevens. Yeah, I haven't forgotten the source of Shia Labeouf fame.

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Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean. John Muir Take a course in good water and air; and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own....

Once bears breed, they go their separate ways. Male bears do not help the mother bear raise the cubs. Visit Yellowstone and catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures!

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