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  • Brandi Robertson

    Okay...not an animal but I don't have an insect page!.

  • Sandi Hughes

    Quesada Domis by Solent News & Photo #Insect #Quesada_Domis Probably a Blue-eyed Darner Dragonfly: and and

  • Eileen Postle

    Peekaboo ~ What big eyes you have ~ bug

  • Amy Nicolai

    Love those blue eyes peeking around the stem! Quesada Domis by Solent News & Photo #Insect #Quesada_Domis

  • Natasha Fitzakerley

    peek a boo. #insect #photography

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Helicopter Damselfly (Megaloprepus sp.) by Scott Olmsead #Insects #Damselfly

I'm Hiding! A damselfly hiding behind a blade of grass, so no evil predator (read: photographer) can see him......

Damselfly by Murray Clarke: Damselflies are similar to dragonflies, but... #Insects #Damselfly

Get a load of those baby blues! Did you know that the damselfly (seen here) is a relative of the dragonfly, and they both belong to an order that means "toothed ones"? (Photo: Murray Clarke)

Telephone Sylvan Damselfly by eddy lee**

Dragonflies were some of the first winged insects to evolve, some 300 million years ago. Modern dragonflies have wingspans of only two to five inches, but fossil dragonflies have been found with wingspans of up to two feet.

"And then she made her way homeward, With one star awake, As the swan in the evening Moved over the lake".

Damselfly I really don't like bug-eyes, or bugs for that matter, but this damsel is a beautiful color!!!