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Brilliant! PVC for growing strawberries!! whoda thunk! Will incorporate this..Probably build a base and make a stand out of it!

PVC Pipe Strawberry Planter - cut to length, drill holes, fill with dirt, plant sprout in each hole water from top and allow to trickle.

17 Plants on One Square Foot of Land - I'm going to try this in my garden - 8" pvc pipe that is 4' in length with 1 1/2" holes; put 2" pvc pipe with small holes inside large pipe for watering; bury it 12" in ground

Growing strawberries vertically. Thisidea is great for fence posts in the veggie garden. Use the posts to run the supports for climbing plants like beans peas and cucumbers

PVC Strawberry Planter. I'll have hubs build a decorative "slipcover" made of pickets that match our fences over it and have him wait to drill holes until the pickets are in place.

Strawberries in PVC pipe pot, Go To to get more Gossip News!

The Garden Stick. Great idea, just need to figure out how to make one, guessing large PVC piping with fittings filled with soil, per haps something to stabilize it so it doesn't blow over? I've see one's smaller then this but none that were this large.

Entertaining Night Garden. The enclosed feel of this small urban garden has been transformed using an asymmetrical layout with architectural planting to keep the eye within the garden space, and multiple surfaces to provide variety. A small lawn is packed with spring-flowering Crocus to give an extra burst of colour.