funny, everytime!

LOVED this scene I laughed out loud AND the part were spiderman gets hit by Falcons drone and Bucky was like its about time you did that and Sam goes I hate you.

Love Joey!

Board Up Your Windows, Because the Gifs Are Coming to Party

Lol love this episode!

Captain America Civil War I laughed so hard when Bucky and Sam nodded approval

My favorite friends episode!

Bucky's smile in this scene. He seem so proud of his little bro. I love the lighthearted moments we got to see with these guys.

Joey speaking French!

I'm so excited for this Spider Man.

For the hundreth time!

Ok let me just day that I HATE SHARON AND STEVE AND I HOPE SHARON DIES PAINFULLY. OFF A CLIFF. But this is pretty funny


Sam and Bucky were the best part of this movie (sorry, Peter Parker!)

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On that final scene: | 26 "Captain America: Civil War" Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

This is one of the best episodes!

Best moment of the movie!!! I was so hoping for this gif, love you internet ppl:) I've already rewatched it like few dozens of time and continuing.

This episode was on last night... oh, the feels.

Captain America Civil War: i have no idea how whoever posted this got it but this has got to be one of the funniest sences in the movie