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  • Kylie Todd

    Unique Tattoo Placement - Bing Images

  • Cindy Thayer

    Alternative to wedding band tattoo

  • Dana Hickman Jensen

    placement for name tattoo - Google Search

  • Lauren Kelm

    placement for an agape tattoo?

  • Miranda Moore

    Tattoo idea - I love it

  • 실시간카지노JK1100.COM 실시간카지노JK1100.COM

    since i can't wear a ring all the time want to get a tattoo on my wedding ring finger. this has been my favorite option, not the word, but the location. Todd's grandma gave me the $$ to do it a couple years ago to do this, but I keep getting pregnant! Soon though!인터넷카지노 JK1100.COM 인터넷카지노인터넷카지노 JK1100.COM 인터넷카지노인터넷카지노 JK1100.COM 인터넷카지노인터넷카지노 JK1100.COM 인터넷카지노인터넷카지노 JK1100.COM 인터넷카지노

  • Vicky Martinez

    Tattoo Design Ideas: finger tattoo

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We're here to help you hone in on the tattoo design of your dreams. 'Cause no one should pick their tattoo off the wall

best marriage advice ever heard- "never leave home without your rings on" Tattooing a ring on would be cool but I like this under the finger!

wedding ring tattoos. My husband and I have the eternity symbol on our fingers! To me it's more meaningful than a ring (which we both have). It can't be removed like a ring and the whole symbol of death do you part (eternity) hasten lost in a lot of marriages what an awesome reminder ♥

Fingers Crossed DRAWING by SoftAnatomies on Etsy. $70.00, via Etsy.

Been thinking about getting a tiny star tattoo on my pinky - maybe a grouping of 3 really tiny ones would be cool. Whoever did these stars sure did an amazing job :)!

One of the best finger tattoos I've seen.

Finger tattoos. I kind of like the idea of getting a music note on the inside of my finger....but also there's a peace sign, or a flamingo....

Call me crazy...but I ♥ this tat for inside of ring finger