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    • Sheri Alexander

      Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions. I'm repinning for some you upper grade teachers!! We do not do this in kindergarten!! Lol

    • Nancy G

      Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions. Cause Momma needs help with the 4th grade math.....

    • Sally Groff

      Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions. Neat, but background on WHY it works needs to be taught! :)

    • Annette Wilkerson

      Butterfly method for adding subtracting fractions. How was this not taught in my schools?

    • Misty Lake

      retrieved M, 10/20/14: Butterfly Fractions = "Adding and Subtracting Fractions with the Butterfly Method"

    • Lori Foster

      (Math- fractions) Butterfly method for adding and subtracting fractions

    • Jen Magnall

      Name: Butterfly Method Target Area: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Description: This is an algorithm for teaching addition and subtraction of fractions with unlike denominators. Rather than finding the least common denominator, students will just find a common denominator and need to simplify at the end. For students who struggle to understand the process of adding fractions, this is a good option.

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